Winter clerk, Auckland - Victoria University

“I really wanted the opportunity to see what it was like working in a big law firm so that’s why I applied to be a winter clerk. As an arts/law student I had absolutely no idea what the corporate world was like prior to my time at CT. I was pleasantly surprised – everyone was inclusive and friendly.”

I got to work on some really cool projects with the corporate team, as well as working and attending client meetings with my supervising partner. I was impressed by the diversity and range of client matters - never a dull moment! The work was always interesting– one day it was a big M&A transaction,and the next it could be smaller scale projects with my buddy.

“During the winter clerkship we did a lot as a team which was a great way to meet everyone in the office. I enjoyed the regular team lunches, drank a lot of coffee, and especially enjoyed doing some volunteer work at Eat my Lunch.”

You learn a lot across the programme - including what it’s like to work in commercial law, as well as working at a large law firm, and the varying client matters the firm undertakes. It’s an ideal starting point for your legal career, and everyone at Chapman Tripp seems to genuinely love what they do. Working in the corporate team also gave me a better sense of how the economy works, which is something you don’t necessarily learn at university.