Summer clerk, Auckland - University of Canterbury

“I chose to rotate in tax and corporate over the summer as I really wanted to do something that utilised both of my degrees.What you do at Chapman Tripp isn’t what you do at university – it’s new and practical compared to the purely theoretical aspects of law.”

Everyone in the tax team has a broad base of knowledge and they also have their individual specialities. When I was given a task that I wasn’t too sure about, there was always someone willing to help me, offer support and allow me to learn from them.

“Seeing how the firm’s lawyers interact with their colleagues and clients was a great learning experience. I also loved the sense of community, as well as meeting people from other areas of the firm through sports activities and team challenges.”

The interview was a great process,and having former clerks to chat to beforehand made me feel much more at ease. In the interview I felt comfortable and was able to be myself, which is what Chapman Tripp really want to see.

My advice to people applying is to be your authentic self - because for me, that’s the distinguishing factor about Chapman Tripp. From my experience everyone is free to be themselves; no one’s hiding behind a front, and that’s what I admire about the firm.