Summer clerk, Wellington - University of Otago

My first rotation in the competition & regulatory team was a fantastic experience. We were super busy leading up to Christmas so I got thrown in the deep-end, literally! I got to talk with clients as well asdoing some pretty heavy-duty work on my own. I was stoked to be trusted and respected at my level. I’m now in the litigation team which was always something that I wanted to do.

“I wanted a taste of the real world and to actually see what awaited me once I graduated. It’s incredibly motivating in your last year at uni to gain some experience in a large law firm so you know what to expect once you’re out on your own.”

When I interviewed for the Chapman Tripp clerkship I was actually in Scotland – so it was done via Skype. I was relaxed, they were relaxed – it couldn’t have been easier.

“I think the interview was what made me want to come to CT more than anything, because even via Skype, I could seethe team were genuinely interested in what I had to say. It was just like a conversation amongst peers.”

I think the people were definitely the highlight for me during my time at Chapman Tripp. Everyone was warm, friendly and inclusive, and made the experience incredible. Even now, I wake up excited to come to work in the morning.