Summer clerk, Auckland - University of Waikato

My two rotations were in the corporate and finance teams. I chose these teams so I could experience transaction-based work. I also had exposure to clients on multiple occasions, and some of our CSR partners, which I think is particularly important.

 “I was pleased to find that you don’t need a commerce degree or formal commerce or economics training to do well in [corporate and finance] – just a genuine interest in corporate law and business as a whole.”

 The culture at CT is very people orientated. It’s very rare someone will only get to know you on a working level - almost everybody wants to know who you are and what makes you tick as person.

 “The training at CT is fantastic. I have learnt the equivalent of an entire university paper in a few hours under the guidance of the CT team!”

 I have many interests and hobbies outside of work; especially when it comes to my motorbike –and I spend quite a bit of time fixing it up! I also like to get involved in sports – cricket, hockey and a bit of football. My life is balanced – which is important to me.

 My advice to people wanting to apply is just go for it! The interview process was easier than I thought it would be. Academics aside, the team at CT are looking to see whether or not you would be the right fit for the firm – and there’s a good chance you are.