Summer clerk, Wellington - Victoria University

“I absolutely loved winter clerking at CT– it blew my mind in terms of what a commercial law firm is all about. I got to experience what we learnt at uni in practice, and it inspired me to come back as a summer clerk.”

I’ve now completed my corporate rotation, and attended a few client meetings with partners. I loved seeing them in action, the rapport they had with their clients, the methodical way in which they work and delegate follow-up work (that I was able to help with). It was also great to work with other people in the team who were working on a variety of matters,like constitutional work, sale and purchase agreements and Overseas Investment Office matters.

I chose corporate because I’m really interested in the way the commercial world directly relates to the law, and the way it creates a strategy for how a business is going to move forward.

“What surprised me was just how genuine and normal people were at CT. There’s quite a casual element to the way the office operates which made me feel comfortable. I wasn’t afraid to ask questions and loved every aspect of learning.

My advice to people applying is to research Chapman Tripp and what they offer. See what jumps out at you and think about the commercial elements of the law, what really interests you in that realm as a whole, and how your skill-set could apply in that working environment.