Summer clerk, Christchurch - University of Canterbury

“Following my winter clerkship I enjoyed getting to know people outside of work at the firm’s regular social events. I took part in active October, the inter-firm sports competition, and went to quiz nights and other social events. By the time I summer clerked I had well and truly established a good network of people in the Christchurch office.”

It’s been really cool working in the Christchurch office because it’s small and everyone knows each other. You often receive work directly from partners, or from people a few years ahead of you- which gives you a good taste of what you could be doing in three to four years’ time.

“What surprised me the most was how useful you can be during your clerkship and how much you can contribute. Quite often you’ll be asked to do a job and you’ll send it back to the senior solicitor or whoever gave you the work and they’ll say ‘great, that’s exactly what I wanted’. That’s a great feeling.”

If you’re thinking about applying then give it a go, because so many of us have the skills or attributes the firm is looking for. I’d encourage you to highlight your strengths and interests, or life experiences, as that will help you tremendously during the interview process.

Chapman Tripp is addictive because once you get a taste of the work, the people and culture, you want to keep coming back!