How we grow our people


Learning & development

Manaakitanga, the concept of nurturing respect for each other, is the heart of our culture. How we treat each other is reflected in how we treat our clients and other stakeholders. We are committed to growing diversity and inclusivity in our organisation and making sure every single person feels welcomed and able to deliver their best. We recognise each employee brings their own unique capabilities, experiences and characteristics to their work. We actively promote fairness and equal opportunities at all levels, including career development, wellness, flexible working arrangements and learning and development programmes.

As you start your career at Chapman Tripp, we want to help you have the right skills and knowledge you need to succeed. We have prepared an induction programme for your first day that covers important information you need to know early on and will help set you up for your time in the firm.

Summer clerks joining our firm receive a comprehensive national induction and orientation day where we cover off topics such as our firm strategy, writing skills, junior panel ‘ask me anything’ sessions, as well as inviting along one of our Corporate Social Responsibility partners as a guest speaker to give you a well-rounded introduction to the firm. Once settled in, we check in with you on a regular basis, be it over email or in person as well as a more formal review after each team rotation.

For our law clerks we do regular check-ins with you while you’re doing your profs course. We have Tuesday trainings where we aim to complement your profs trainings with some CT learnings. After profs, there’s plenty of learning options catered to you and your learning style – from external seminars, in-house team trainings, soft-skills and technical capability building sessions. To make the sessions engaging and not an information overload, we try to balance these with networking opportunities and fun activites.

Keep in mind that learning continues outside of the classroom! Your supervising partners and managers, buddies and peers are here to provide the mentoring and guidance you need to be effective in your role. Everyone is keen to support you, so ask any questions you may have, talk to those around you, and engage in the different learning opportunities we provide!

“Right from day dot I was welcomed as a member of the team and given the support, tools and exposure to different work and clients that helped me learn. Chapman Tripp takes you off the side-line and places you in the middle of fascinating commercial transactions. This experience has been invaluable.”

Bonita Morrissey-SmithSummer Clerk