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Real work. Real experiences.

As part of our clerkship programme, we offer an authentic experience in a supportive environment where you are doing real work for real clients while being part of an enjoyable and social culture. These opportunities allow you to have a broader understanding of what a legal career could look like for you and how Chapman Tripp can help you develop your skills.

We are looking for clerks who have motivation, drive and enthusiasm to join our firm and grow with Chapman Tripp. As a reputable law firm, intellect is important, but is by no means the only thing we are looking for. We want to meet well-rounded candidates who show us their authentic selves and are passionate about starting their career with Chapman Tripp. We are eager to find out how you’ve grown so far and where you hope to grow in the future!

What programme is right for me?

The below is based on an example of a law student studying a conjoint degree that would take five years to complete.

  • Year 1
  • Year 2
  • Year 3
  • Year 4
  • Year 5
  • Life after law school
  • Some Date or Date Range - Year 1

    Some Date or Date Range
    Start at university. Good luck! We'll see you in Year 3...
  • Some Date or Date Range - Year 2

    Some Date or Date Range
    Keep going, you're almost there...
  • Some Date or Date Range - Year 3

    Some Date or Date Range
    April – Apply for our winter clerk programme
    June/July – Winter clerk programme commences
  • Some Date or Date Range - Year 4

    Some Date or Date Range
    March – Apply for our summer clerk programme
    November – Summer clerk programme commences
  • Some Date or Date Range - Year 5

    Some Date or Date Range
    February – Summer clerk programme concludes
    November – Finish study
  • - Life after law school

    January – Start as a law clerk
    January-April – Complete profs
    May – Start at the firm full time
    Oct – Admitted to the bar

Winter clerkship

Summer clerkship

Law clerkship

“Right from my first week in litigation, I have been involved in ground-breaking work that is shaping the commercial landscape. My research for an appeal case I have been working on has been challenging but immensely rewarding because I feel supported every step of the way. This experience has made me excited to see where commercial litigation takes me next.”

Emily JamesSummer Clerk

We chatted to our recent summer clerks to hear how they found their time at CT, from interviewing right through to joining the firm...

Clerkship experience

Clerkship experience