Winter clerkship


2020 Winter clerkship update

Every year Chapman Tripp looks for exceptional third year students to bring on-board for a one-week winter clerk programme during the mid-year break.

COVID-19 has left us all in uncertain times, meaning we are forced to examine the activities we normally undertake. Unfortunately, one of the decisions we have had to make is the cancellation of our 2020 winter clerk programme. This decision has not been made lightly, and we are saddened to not be in a position to offer this clerkship in 2020.

The winter clerkship is intended to give students an exciting opportunity to get a feel for life at Chapman Tripp through undertaking real work, attending a team building retreat, and building positive relationships throughout the firm. The decision to cancel this year’s winter clerk programme is based on our uncertainty around being able to deliver a valuable and positive experience for students in the current environment. Uncertainty around when government imposed alert levels will change also means that planning any postponement is also impossible.

Over the last few weeks, staff and partners have attended universities and met with students to promote our winter clerkship programme and encouraged students to apply. With the cancellation of the 2020 winter clerkship, we want to reassure these students that our summer clerkship will now be the right programme to apply for in 2021 and look forward to receiving those applications. We also understand students who intended to apply for our winter clerkship this year may now have questions around ‘what next’ and we welcome anyone to get in touch by emailing Rose Ritchie at

We understand the disappointment our decision is likely to cause and we too are disappointed. However, we are confident it is the right decision to ensure our programme continues to provide a quality experience to students. Our full intention is for the winter clerk programme to return in 2021.